Our first two weeks…

We’ve officially arrived in Amsterdam!  It’s been exactly two weeks, and we are adjusting to the Dutch life.  Currently, we’re in temporary housing just outside of the city, and we move into our new apartment in the heart of Amsterdam this Friday!  We will be living in the Jordaan area, which is so beautiful, quaint, and surrounded by the canals.  I am looking forward to unpacking our suitcases and getting settled in our new home for the next two years.

Our first couple weeks have consisted of getting our visas, Andrew starting work, getting our dog from the U.S. (biggest hassle and crazy expensive, but of course, worth it), exploring the streets of Amsterdam, understanding the train system, searching high and low for a curling iron, trying new restaurants, buying bikes, looking for an apartment, and entertaining our first guests, my aunt and uncle.

I am not a writer or blogger, and I am still figuring out what I want this blog to be.  For now, I will share what we’ve been up to, and the things we’ve done and seen thus far.

Canals of Amsterdam, it really is picture perfect


Bought my bike! If you live in Amsterdam, you have to buy a bike. Everyone gets around by bike.  It’s also very common for bikes to be stolen, so I’ve got two locks on this bad boy.
Our new apartment in Jordaan! We’re on the second floor, and those five windows are ours. We sacrificed size to be in the best area.  Going from our home in Carmel to this 700 sqft apartment will be an adjustment, but luckily we love being close to each other 🙂
Reesy’s face says it all.  She is confused and I think a little sad.  She no longer has a backyard to run freely around, friends to play with, her food has changed, and she doesn’t recognize her surroundings. She had a traumatic experience getting over here, and I think she needs time to adjust. Also, I somehow have to train this 5 year old pup how to do her business on pavement.  Our new apartment doesn’t have any nearby grass, so this will be interesting.
My wonderful, ambitious, smart, handsome husband. His hard work led us to this crazy adventure.  It’s not easy being away from friends and family, I miss them daily, but we have each other, and we want to live up this opportunity as much as possible!

  1. I loved reading this and seeing your pictures especially the house of Corrie ten Boom! What a wonderful way to share your experience with family and friends!

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