Haarlem with our first visitors

Our first visitors were my Aunt Bobbi and Uncle Tom.  We weren’t the best hosts, because we had only been in Amsterdam one week, and didn’t know any more about the city than what they knew! We did a lot of learning together! We explored Haarlem, Netherlands, visited the Rijksmuseum, ate at new restaurants, and explored areas of Amsterdam.  Here is a recap:

Foggy morning before our boat ride
My cousin Rachel, who is a travel agent, booked this brunch boat for us.  It was such a fun way to be on the water and explore downtown Amsterdam
G’s Brunch Boat
It’s only 39 euros for this two hour brunch experience.  It entails an entree, two beverages, coffee, and dessert.
While sipping on Prosecco, Drake and Rihanna were playing in the background
View from the back of the boat
Aunt Bobbi and Uncle Tom!
In the heart of Haarlem, which is just as cute and quaint as Amsterdam, was a lively farmer’s market.  After walking around and purchasing cute shoes for my cousin’s baby boy, we sat outside of a cafe, drank wine, ate bitterballen (popular dutch appetizer), and people watched.
This picture may be confusing, but this is the bedroom of Corrie ten Boom.  She is a Christian woman who hid Jews from the Nazis during WWII inside her bedroom wall.  Her house is in Haarlem, and was very interesting walking through it and hearing the story of her bravery.
Spent an evening in Rembrandt Square
Our last night with Aunt Bobbi and Uncle Tom was spent at Stork Restaurant along the water. 

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