Our First Soccer Game

I’ve never been a soccer fan, but wow, this was quite an experience, starting from getting on the train to go to the stadium! We got on the train at Central Station and a massive crowd of Sweden fans got on the train as well.  There were hundreds of them, chanting, jumping up and down, banging their hands on the sides, and drinking beer.  They were all decked out in yellow and blue, crazy hats, and painted faces.  I thought American fans were crazy about our sports, but this was on another level.  We get off the train and immediately bought some Netherlands fan gear to fit in.  We met Andrew’s coworker for drinks before the game and then found our seats.  PwC really hooked us up on our seats, we were so close to the field! I think I am now a fan of European Soccer!  I definitely want to go back, and bring friends and family to experience a game! GO HOLLAND!


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