Luxembourg, Luxembourg

After driving around in our rental car in Germany, we decided (very last minute) to drive to Luxembourg and knock another country off our list.  We woke up early in Cologne, Germany, hopped in our car, and drove three hours to Luxembourg.  To be honest, we spent a very short amount of time here.  We went to their Christmas market, walked along the quaint streets, and stopped at some of the popular spots in the city.  We feel a day or two in this country is sufficient enough to see its beauty and what it has to offer!  Here is what we did…

We went to the Luxembourg American Cemetery, which is where General George S. Patton is buried
Luxembourg American Cemetery
Luxembourg American Cemetery


When you first arrive at the cemetery, you can take white stones with you to place on a grave you want to visit to show you were there. I felt sad for the soldiers that died and were not recognized by name. We wanted to place our stones on this soldier’s grave, whoever he or she may be, we thank you for your service.
Winter in Luxembourg
Bock Casemates- Fortress of Luxembourg with a system of underground passages
Bock Casemates


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